Advanced Business VoIP Services

Smart business VoIP services for Santa Monica organizations are essential to staying connected. As traditional analogue phone systems adopted modern IP protocol, two product sets joined together to create a convenient solution. SavePoint delivers modern VoIP phone systems, including PBX and hosted solutions. Make use of your network infrastructure and internet connectivity to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for a better customer experience. With convenient features such as call conferencing, mobile pairing and voicemail to email, stay in touch 24/7.

Communication platforms based in the cloud have all the features of traditional phones. However, they provide a much more enhanced framework. Have a single phone system that is capable of keeping everyone connected at all times. It also ensures flexibility and increased productivity. We can help select the right phone system that will give your business that extra edge. Best of all, our solutions are scalable and suitable for organizations across all industries.

Voip Business Services Santa Monica, CA
VoIP Services

Cutting-Edge System Features

Our cost-effective solutions are ideal for growing businesses. These convenient applications transform any phone into an essential collaboration tool, making teamwork easier than ever before. See who is available, send and receive team chats, place calls and get voicemails all from one application — anywhere, anytime. Get enterprise-level features that are easy to use and tailored to a company’s size and needs. Some of the most popular features include:

Forward to Voicemail
Re-direct phone calls to any voicemail.

Conference Bridge
Dial into virtual meetings from anywhere in the world.

Voicemail to Email
Get instant and documented notification.

Caller ID
Screen all calls by seeing the details immediately.

Greet customers and direct them to their chosen contact.

Forward to Phone
Direct calls to pre-determined extensions.

Unified Communications

Whether requirements call for a traditional phone, PBX or VoIP business services, SavePoint can source the right product for any organization. Maybe even most importantly, the new system can integrate with your existing network, and, of course, ongoing maintenance is included.

SavePoint utilizes cutting-edge phone technology to keep users connected. With an advanced unified communications and collaboration platform, users have more mobility, can be more productive, and of course, share ideas and content through one single system. So no matter if you’re on a desktop phone, mobile device or even a computer, everything is wrapped into one easy and accessible solution. In addition, a cloud-based phone system is tailored around the employee’s needs. In turn, it provides convenience for all types of various work-styles.

VoIP Services

Next Level Business VoIP Services

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