Enterprise Level Virtual CTO

A virtual CTO for Santa Monica businesses provides an executive-level solution that assists company leaders in applying technology to achieve their business goals. Virtual CTOs help to improve overall business strategies and performance. Does your current in-house team have the bandwidth, or even the experienced training, to handle the volume of work that is needed on a daily basis?

As an extension of your own team, our vCTO helps to incorporate their knowledge, experience, and IT capabilities into the planning and execution of various day-to-day operations. Our expertise is in developing strategies and coordinating activities to ensure that only high-quality solutions are provided. Get protection against potential attackers, and keep up-to-date with regulatory compliance matters – all at an affordable cost.

Virtual CTO
Virtual CTO

Responsibilities of a Virtual CTO

Oftentimes, organizations don’t have full-time resources to oversee their entire systems. Our vCTO solution provides ongoing access to one of our senior executives. This role includes creating a strategic roadmap for all systems, regularly communicating with your team, and of course, streamlining overall performance. The vCTO, dealing specifically with their client’s technology, should deliver the following:

  • Tailored Approach: Prior to offering recommendations for improvements, a vCTO analyzes existing systems and business processes. By learning specifically what is needed, they can ensure the best possible recommendation for the next initiatives in consideration.
  • Infrastructure Oversight: From cabling and servers to desktops, mobile devices and more, each and every aspect of a digital set up should be taken into consideration. No part of an infrastructure should be overlooked.

  • Long-Term Strategy: The vCTO will develop IT blueprints that take into account budget, projections, customer and employee needs, as well as business goals. This helps to guarantee that the infrastructure can grow and change as the organization expands into the future.

CTO Advisory Services to Reach Your Goals

Opting for CTO advisory benefits eases the complexities of technology adoption. We strive to set up clients for long-term success. Every organization needs a high-quality leader to handle business. However, finding the right person to fit the bill isn’t always easy. By providing hand-picked executive-level solutions, you can optimize business growth at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

SavePoint acts as an immediate extension of the team. From facilitating project development and implementation, to the integration and deployment, we oversee everything. In addition, we also have access to an on-demand resource pool, which helps establish a future-ready IT ecosystem.

Virtual CTO

Transform Your Operations with a Virtual CTO

Get access to executive-level expertise and on-demand, full time resources, along with the most advanced digital platforms.

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